Is Keto safe?

The Ketogenic diet is usually safe. However, there are certain medical conditions, with whichhen Keto is not advisable. The opinions presented on the website are not intended as medical advice and should not be viewed as such. With this in mind, please consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet.

Are you affiliated with any of the reviewed applications or websites?

We do not represent, nor are we in any way affiliated with the applications and websites we review. We independently collect information to ensure that our comparisons are accurate. Our only purpose is to provide information on all the leading products available on the market in an organized and easily understandable format, so that you can make an educated choice.

Do you receive commission for product reviews?

We do not receive any commission or monetary compensation for our reviews and recommendations. Our product review selection is based on several factors, such as product popularity and the interest we think it will generate among our readers. We review Keto resources and recommend only those that you can really trust. We do not attempt to influence your decision-making process.

Who are these products/resources for?

Most of these products are intended to be used by people who are adhering to the Ketogenic diet. They can be helpful for experienced dieters, as well as those who are just beginning their Keto journey. We provide easy to understand, detailed descriptions of each resource along with full information on product features. This way you yourself determine whether a product can be helpful in reaching your personal weight-loss goals.

What do I need to do to gain access to these resources/products?

This will normally depend on the product you’re interested in. Smartphone applications are usually available for free or paid download from the Apple App Store or Google Market. We list which platform (Android, iOS or both) each application is available on. We also specify the cost of each product and if there are additional fees to gain access to premium features. Online groups and communities, such as Facebook and Reddit, are free and usually only require a platform account to join.

How trustworthy is the information provided by this website?

All of the information provided by this website was sourced from official channels (Keto communities, app stores, etc.). These channels are constantly being monitored and the website regularly updates in case there’s any information. Thus the information provided is as trustworthy as it can be at any given moment.

Should I check the information provided on this website with official channels?

You should always check the information provided by the apps/communities themselves, before deciding to use any of them.

Is there anything else I should know about these resources?

Yes. The information provided by this website is accurate but comparatively superficial. If you decide to use any of the apps/communities on this list, you should do more in-depth research before signing up, to make sure they cater to your interests and provide all of the services you need. Most of the apps/communities have FAQ sections and customer support that can answer your questions in detail.

Can I access any of these apps/communities offline?

Unfortunately, none of the resources provided on this list have an offline feature as of this moment. You need internet service to access both the communities and the apps.

Is there a risk of these resources providing false information?

General Keto diet information provided by these resources is legitimate. That said, the communities and forums allow free exchange of information between users, which may not always be accurate.