Best 5 Keto Chocolates To Buy

If you are on a ketogenic diet, you may have kissed chocolates goodbye, given their high sugar and carb content. However, the universe of healthy eating has evolved, and Keto Chocolate is now a thing! It’s an excellent route for the sweet-toothed to stick to their low-carb, high-fat dietary plan without any guilt.

What is Keto Chocolate?

Keto chocolate is a type of chocolate that’s formulated to fit within the macronutrient guidelines of the ketogenic diet. Unlike traditional chocolates, which are packed with sugar, keto chocolate is low in carbs and sugar, and often high in fat.


Keto chocolate’s ingredient list usually flaunts the following:

  1. Cacao or Cocoa Powder: This is a low-carb chocolate base derived from the cacao bean.
  2. Sugar Alternatives: Sweetness is usually achieved through the use of sugar substitutes like erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit sweetener which have a negligible impact on blood sugar levels.
  3. Healthy Fats: Keto chocolate often incorporates coconut oil, MCT oil, or cocoa butter which are good sources of fats necessary to stay in ketosis.
  4. Nuts and Seeds: Some varieties include nuts and seeds for added crunch and nutritional value.

Health Benefits:

The good news doesn’t stop at low carb count. There are some health perks associated with keto chocolate as well, especially when it’s made with quality ingredients like high-cacao-content cocoa/cacao powder.

  1. Antioxidants: Cocoa is rich in antioxidants which help to combat oxidative stress and may lower the risk of heart disease.
  2. Craving Reduction: The healthy fats in keto chocolate can help curb your cravings and keep you feeling satiated.
  3. Mood Enhancement: Chocolate has long been associated with a boost in mood, and keto chocolate is no exception thanks to the presence of substances like theobromine and a tiny amount of caffeine.

How to Choose the Right Keto Chocolate:

When scouring the market for the right keto chocolate, here are a few tips to ensure you pick a healthy and keto-friendly option:

  1. Read the Labels: Always check the nutritional information to ensure it’s low in carbs and sugars.
  2. Avoid Artificial Ingredients: Steer clear of artificial sweeteners and other chemical additives.
  3. High Cocoa Content: Look for a higher percentage of cocoa as it is the source of antioxidants and gives the chocolate its characteristic taste.

1. Chocxo Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond & Sea Salt Snaps – Low in Real Sugar, Organic, Non-GMO, Keto Certified, Gluten Free & Kosher, No Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar Alcohols, 3.45oz/98 g (Pack of 4)

$44.00 ($3.24 / Ounce)
More info

2. NEOH Chocolate Bars, Keto Chocolate Candy Bar, Gluten Free Snacks, 110 Calories, Low Carb, Plant Based, No Added Sugar, 3g Net Carbs, High Fiber, Non GMO, Chocolate Crunch, 1 oz Bars, 3 Flavor Variety Pack (6 Pack)

$12.66 ($2.11 / Count)

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3. Nick’s Protein Bars Chocolate Caramel | 14g protein | 170 calories | Low Carb Keto Friendly Snacks No Added Sugar (Multipack 12 bars x 50g)

$23.93 ($1.99 / Count)

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4. Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, 12 Count

$19.61 ($0.77 / ounce)

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5- SlimFast Low Carb Chocolate Snacks, Keto Friendly for Weight Loss with 0g Added Sugar & 4g Fiber, Cookies & Crème, 12 Count (Packaging May Vary)

$12.49 ($1.49 / Ounce)

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Making Keto Chocolate at Home:

If you have a knack for homemade treats, making keto chocolate at home is a breeze. Here’s a simplified method:

  1. Ingredients: Gather cocoa powder, a sugar substitute like erythritol, coconut oil or cocoa butter, and any nuts or seeds you’d like to add.
  2. Melting: Melt the coconut oil or cocoa butter in a microwave or a double boiler.
  3. Mixing: Stir in the cocoa powder and sweetener into the melted fat until smooth.
  4. Setting: Pour the mixture into a silicone mold or onto a parchment paper-lined tray and refrigerate until set.
  5. Enjoying: Once set, break or cut into pieces and enjoy your homemade keto chocolate.

Keto chocolate is an excellent way to indulge your sweet tooth without breaking your ketosis stride. So, whether you purchase a reputable brand or decide to create your own concoction at home, you don’t have to forgo the heavenly taste of chocolate on a keto diet.

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