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84 days meal plan with 1000+ recipes for those who want to start a Keto diet to loose weight and also are beginners


You should fill in your physical parameters in the questionary select the kind of food you like, describe your typical day, choose the physical activities you want to do, and then the website generates a meal plan and daily activities individually for you

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Meal Plan Generating process

Until getting your meal plan and daily physical activities you should fill up a quick quiz where you are indicating the following parameters age, high, weight, etc after that system, AI generates the best version personalized for you, sending a link to your account with all information full meal plan, drinks, and exercises with continues 84 days


Together with diet plan it is good to have active lifestyle and add exercise to your routine

Advices before purchasing meal plan on

- Be aged over 16 years
- If any disease, approval from doctor
- Check Products attentively and remove all allergic product
- Choose workout body zones attentively
- Check with doctor if you are pregnant

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