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60 days meal plan generator with recipes for the people who want to start Keto diet


You insert your demographic and physical parameters on the website, choose what kind of food you eat and describe your typical day and website Generates Keto diet recipes

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Meal Plan Generating process

Before generating meal plan you have to fill 5 minutes questionnaire website where you are indicating following parameters: Demographic, Physical, Activity, Products to be included in recipes and goal of the weigh you want to reach. After that system AI generates Meal Plan with Keto diet recipes based on your needs. You receive a login Link to your account where you have day by day listed keto meals(breakfast, lunch, dinner) and drinks. Plan contains different food for 60 days.

Suggestion: If you feel that recipes are not based on you filled info and it includes product that you did not indicated to be used in food, write to support asap to reedit the plan

Advices before purchasing meal plan on

- Be aged over 21 year
- If any disease, approval from doctor
- Check Products attentively and remove all allergic product
- Put your physical parameters correctly
- Be 100% sure to say no to all the food which is not in Generated Keto recipes

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