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Welcome to Ketodiets.co - a place where we review the most popular Keto apps and internet communities to help you choose the right one for you. Our platform is 100% free and offers an unbiased comparison of different resources related to the Ketogenic diet. Trying to find a reliable app to track your macros? Want to figure out which Keto meal plan offers you the biggest bang for your buck? Then you have definitely come to the right place.

We started Ketodiets.co because, as with everything popular, there’s a lot of conflicting information and questionable resources out there. Did you know that a Google search for the word ‘Keto’ comes back with almost 200 million results? 200 million results mean 200 million different takes on the subject of the Ketogenic diet. And, while there are a few things that most apps and websites agree on, there’re still plenty of grey areas. Nonetheless, we set out to do it - because someone had to. And if there’s anyone in the world who’s not afraid of a task of such magnitude, it’s definitely our team. Reading different recommendations, testing out apps, scrolling through posts in different communities - that’s what we are best at. Paired with both a comprehensive understanding and personal experience with the Ketogenic diet, our ever-curious nature and ability to analyze and compare things have proven to be invaluable assets.

At the same time, we firmly believe that knowledge is power, but knowledge shared is power multiplied. We also remember that not that long ago we, too, were wondering how many blueberries we could eat while staying in ketosis. Now, having found an answer to this and many other questions, we want to share with you the tools that we think are the most useful for anyone who’s thinking of changing their lives and starting Keto. No, we won’t tell you how many blueberries to eat to stay on Keto - it would spoil all the fun! Instead, we will review the best Keto tracker apps on the market, so you can accurately monitor your progress. We don’t aim to just answer questions, but provide solutions to problems, many of which we’ve faced ourselves.

The app market is so over saturated that it’s hard to know whom to trust. Ketodiets.co offers easy and understandable guides on what to expect from an app and who it’s best suited for. Our team tests different features, compares them to the price and offers our evaluation. We are not in any way trying to influence your decision making - we’re just providing our honest opinion. At the end of the day, you are the one who’s making the choice. Our job is to ensure you make it based on facts and not just descriptions put together by marketing teams.

Because we are unbiased. Our aim is not to simply recommend - our aim is to recommend the best. How many times have you read a review or advice that you intuitively felt wasn’t genuine? It happened to us a lot and we weren’t thrilled by the experience. The Ketogenic diet requires a certain level of precision and dedication to maintain. Diet trackers provide essential information on nutrition and even a small inaccuracy may hinder your weight-loss progress. We compare the leading Keto diet apps and recommend only those that you can really trust. We explain application features in simple words, so that you understand exactly what you are paying for. Or - alternatively - don’t pay for something you don’t need. We review groups and communities, to help you find the one that suits you. All because we, like no one else, understand what it takes to reach your weight-loss goals.

We pride ourselves on independently collecting all the necessary information to ensure that our comparisons and reviews are accurate. The materials on our website are for informational purposes only. We don’t attempt to persuade you or influence your decision-making process in any way.

We have built our business model around the idea of helping people make a choice based on their individual demands. This model will stay unchanged as we continue to move forward and reach new milestones and heights. Because we truly believe that our commitment to our users is what sets us apart from the rest. That, and our utmost respect and appreciation of their trust.


Ketodiets.co doesn’t provide any advice regarding the Ketogenic diet. The opinions presented on the website are not intended as medical advice and should not be viewed as such. Our only purpose is to compare the leading products available on the market with the purpose of helping our users obtain information that can help them reach their individual weight-loss goals. Our services are completely free and we do not receive any commission for our reviews and recommendations. We do not provide application support and can’t address any feedback regarding application payments, features or malfunctions. Please contact customer support directly if you are experiencing any issues with using an application. By using this website you are agreeing to its terms and policies. We encourage you to visit an individual product’s official website before you make a final decision.